Educators: Please Complete One Person, One Vote Website Survey


Teaching for Change is honored to be a partnering institution with the One Person, One Vote: the Legacy of SNCC and the Fight for Voting Rights website. The website will expand next year and your input is crucial to guide that process. Please take a few minutes to respond to the survey, as described in the note below from the SNCC Legacy Project and Duke University.


On March 4, the SNCC Legacy Project and Duke University launched a new documentary website, One Person, One Vote: the Legacy of SNCC and the Fight for Voting Rights. The site tells the story of the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee’s (SNCC) commitment to organizing local people in the Deep South around the right to vote. One Person, One Vote weaves together stories with primary source documents, highlighting who SNCC was, what they did, why they did it … and the relevance of SNCC’s organizing to today’s continuing struggles.

The SNCC Legacy Project and Duke University are now planning to expand the site into a larger SNCC Digital Gateway. We’d like your feedback on a short survey to help ensure that this site is an engaging tool that teachers can use to bring SNCC’s grassroots organizing and bottom-up history into the classroom.

We know how much we all love surveys (even short ones), so we’re offering a prize. The winners will receive one of two autographed books: This Nonviolent Stuff’ll Get You Killed: How Guns Made the Civil Rights Movement Possible (personal stories and historical context regarding self-defense in the Southern Movement, written by Charles Cobb, a journalist and veteran SNCC staffer) or Hands on the Freedom Plow: Personal Accounts of Women in SNCC (an anthology of stories written or told by 52 SNCC women about their work in the Southern movement, collected and edited by 6 SNCC women).


this-nonviolent-stuff  hands-on-plow

Please help us by going to the One Person, One Vote website, reviewing it, and giving us your feedback via this survey:

By leaving your name and e-mail address, you will be entered into our raffle. This survey should take 10 to 15 minutes to complete. Your responses will help guide the partnership of the SNCC Legacy Project and Duke University, over the next three years, as it tells SNCC’s story through the SNCC Digital Gateway. We look forward to your response!

Should you have any technical problems with either the website or the survey, please contact Karlyn Forner.

Thanks for your participation.